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Kirstin Ash Tidal Pearl Earrings 18K Rose Gold

Kirstin Ash Tidal Pearl Earrings 18K Rose Gold

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There's movement in the water. Can you feel it? Can you see it?  Kirstin Ash Tidal Pearl Earrings 18K Rose Gold.

Inspired by the seas' motion and the rise and fall of the tide, there's an element of simplicity about this piece. Complete with a tidal disc and a Baroque pearl droplet, this set of earrings fuses elegance with sentimentalism.

True to the very nature that inspired it, each piece within these earrings is unique. Honour nature - in all its perfectly imperfect forms

Dimensions and Composition

  • Made with a sterling silver base and plated with 18k rose gold.
  • Tidal disc diameter: 19mm
  • Pearl: 9 x 9mm (each pearl is unique and will vary slightly in size and shape)
  • Earring drop (total height): 32mm
  • Freshwater pearl
  • Please note: All gemstones are genuine and have natural variation. The stones may vary slightly from the image pictured.
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