The Red Hot Fox Bespoke Electric Wax Melt Warmer

The Red Hot Fox Bespoke Electric Wax Melt Warmer

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The Red Hot Fox Bespoke Electric Wax Melt Warmer is a burner which I have had made.  It is a beautiful matte antiqued rubbed bronze lamp with a special feature - it has a dimmer switch.  The dimmer allows you to create an incredible ambience of your choice and the lamp projects a subtle light patterns.  This wax melt burner is a stunning addition to any home - it is classy and sophisticated - making it a lovely and useful objet d'art to  compliment either modern or traditional homes, adding understated glamour.

This is a new addition to The Red Hot Fox - and is not only elegant, but gives a clean burn with no flame - therefore no fire risk.

How to Enjoy:

Add a single The Red Hot Fox wax melt pod in the dish (which is removable for easy cleaning), set your light preference and enjoy the beautiful scent that unfolds from the heat light under the top dish.  The Red Hot Fox scented wax melt pods will continue to diffuse their unique fragrances.  You will be left with a wax pool after the fragrance has dissipated - (minimum of 8 hours usually per pod).  This is easily removed and cleaned.


Size:  16 cm height 8cm diameter.

Colour: Matte Antique Bronze
Material: Metal
Size: 30 x 15 cm
40 watt lamp is included with a UK plug.  

On/Off switch on the dimmer which is a rotating dial.
Supplied in a simple white box.