Sthal Ceramic Jar - Acorn Hazel 16cm

Sthal Ceramic Jar - Acorn Hazel 16cm

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Sthal Ceramic Jar - Acorn Hazel 16cm is a magical jar with lid, modelled on the forest and taken from one of Beskow's storybooks. It quickly becomes a little hiding place for your treasured possessions. A lovely jar to display for all to see. Easy to like immediately, it creates a harmony that only nature's own forms can do.

The jar is made of white earthenware with a sculpted lid that has been glazed. Clay and glaze are living materials and sometimes with some colours, quite natural crackling occurs in the glaze, but this is only in the surface layers and does not affect the quality. The jar is not intended for storing food.

Dimensions: Height 170mm | Material: Earthenware

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