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Kim Jobson "Snowflake Drops" 9ct Solid Gold

Kim Jobson "Snowflake Drops" 9ct Solid Gold

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Snowflake drops 9ct Gold

"I make unique pieces of hand made jewellery, turning the raw elements of gold, silver and gems into beautiful intimate pieces of art. I view each item of jewellery as a miniture sculpture, crafted with care and attention to detail, a discipline instilled in me from years of training with the best jewellers in New Zealand."

Kim spent nine years working in Wellington for the Village Goldsmithts, gaining her Trade certificate as a manufacturing jeweller (1992). this is where she honed her craft as a jeweller and designer.

Kim spent many years travelling exstensively through Asia and Europe, working in Dublin for Jewellery Designer Emma Stuart-Liberty before returning home. She now works from her country side studio, being inspired from life around her, juggling jewellery, four children and farm duties with her husband Stuart on their North Waikato Dairy farm

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