Legami Warm It Up – Mug Warmer – Hangover

Legami Warm It Up – Mug Warmer – Hangover

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Legami Warm It Up – Mug Warmer – Hangover
Ever make a cup of coffee and then totally forget about it? The Legami Warm it Up USB Mug Warmer – Cat is the perfect solution to a coffee break at your desk. Simply plug it directly into your laptop or a USB port, place your flat-bottomed mug or glass on top, and take your time sipping your hot drink without worrying about it going cold before you’ve remembered about it.
Specifications: Usb Power cable, Max Temp. 65 Degrees C
Power: 5W, Input Voltage: DC 5V,1.0 A

Dimensions Approx.
10 × 10 × 1cm
Cable Length: 95cm

1 x USB Cable
1 x Themed Mug Warmer

Connect USB to computer
Do not immerse in water
Do not immerse in dishwasher
Ensure this item is placed on a surface that isn’t affected by heat
Do not use with plastic or polystyrene cups