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Ilse Jaconsen Short Lace up Rubber Boot

Ilse Jaconsen Short Lace up Rubber Boot

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  • Cushioning sole

    On the trail, a long walk or in the rain – always comfortable and safe! All thanks to the EVA foam sole, used in these shoes, which is very flexible and provides great cushioning.

  • Felt insole

    Shoes featuring an incredibly soft and warm felt insole, protect your feet from the cold and give you full walking freedom and comfort even in the biggest downpours and snow.

  • Flat sole

    Shoes on a flat sole provide you comfort and safety. Step with confidence whilst enjoying total freedom of movement.

  • Warm interior

    These shoes are perfect for a snowstorm or downpour. They are specially designed for adverse weather conditions – they don’t get wet and thanks to the insulation, protect your feet from the cold.

  • Slip-on and off

    These multi-purpose, slip-on shoes not only protect your feet from getting wet, but are also quick and easy to put on.

  • Solid bottom

    The sole of these solid shoes is made of high-quality material. Thanks to which they are designed for adverse weather conditions.

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