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Hinza Bag Large Eco Plastic - Sea Blue

Hinza Bag Large Eco Plastic - Sea Blue

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A Hinza bag is not a bag like any other. It is not even just a bag.

The classical stylish shape makes it fit in anywhere, the plastic material allows it to withstand almost anything it is exposed to. 

The Hinza bag is excellent for storage – a colourful, stylish alternative for keeping things organized at home and at the office. The Hinza bag provides easy access to your crafts, tools and toys. The Hinza bag is as obvious a choice for picnics and outings as for pool parties and shopping trips. It is perfect for hobby and gardening jobs as it is sturdy and easy to clean.

The Hinza bag is available in two sizes, the smaller version is a perfect fit for a bicycle basket. The many colours and the two sizes means everyone can find their favorite. There is a Hinza bag for everything and everyone! Manufactured in Sweden, using the original design from the 1950s.

Height with handles: 42 cm, Height without handles: 25 cm.

Length: 44 cm.  Width: 17 cm. 

Volume: 15 litres

Carrying capacity: 15 kg.

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