En Gry & Sif Danish Flower - Dusty Pink - Big

En Gry & Sif Danish Flower - Dusty Pink - Big

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En Gry & Sif Danish Florals - Dusty Pink - Big. These hand made felted flowers look fantastic in a jug or vase and are completely bendable helping to create the look that you want.  We love them with different colours and two sizes. Mix them up for a wildflower look, or mix two tone colours together. 

Designed in Denmark and made by fair trade artisans in Nepal. Én Gry and Sif was certified by the World Fair Trade Organization in 2009. 

“Én” in Danish means “one – and only one”. All Én Gry & Sif products are handmade, so there is only “one” of each, since there will always be small differences in each product.

A 60 cm stem adorned with bright red berries. Add to other Gry & Sif bouquets or to display in a vase or decorate the stem with some of the beautiful felted ornaments also available in our Gry & Sif Collection.

Sold as individual stems
60 cm in length
100% New Zealand Wool
Designed in Denmark. Handmade in Nepal