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Dunoon Skye Paeonia Mug

Dunoon Skye Paeonia Mug

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Dunoon Skye Paeonia Mug by Michele Aubourg peony design is bold and bright with the flowers taking up nearly the entirety of the design for the full 'Paeonia' effect.

Born in Durban, Kwa Zulu-Natal, South Africa and still living there, Michèle’s mother and grandmother were both artists and so she grew up in a very creative environment! Michèle studied art and textile design and now takes her inspiration from nature, flora and fauna, colour, books, fabric, fashion and beautiful things! When she is not creating beautiful artworks, Michèle is an animal lover, with a border collie, three cats and an appaloosa horse to keep her busy!

Skye is a large, on-trend, teacup style shape. It holds 420mls and has a comfortable strap handle. It lends itself to modern and unique designs and is very much a statement piece.

Height: 103mm / Diameter: 115mm

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