Dunoon Orkney On the Farm Horses Mug

Dunoon Orkney On the Farm Horses Mug

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Dunoon Orkney On the Farm Horses showcases some of the most iconic breeds of horse, this design has three rows of beautifully painted breeds, from the Shire and Shetland to the Dartmoor and Clydesdale.

Perfect for tea, coffee, and everything in between, this stunning mug is the ultimate kitchen essential to brighten up your day and makes a wonderful gift to show a friend how much you care. It is ideal for gardeners and makes a lovely Mother’s Day gift!


The elegant simplicity of the Orkney shape becomes the canvas for some of the boldest patterns and brightest designs Dunoon have ever launched. The shape of the mug has been named after a quiet Scottish idyll in the north-eastern coast of Scotland, this time drawing inspiration from the beautiful 5000 year old sights and pretty preserved village. 

With a capacity of 350ml they are both dishwasher and microwave safe, with the exception of those featuring gold embellishment.

Harrison Ripley

Born in Leeds, Harrison Ripley is a freelance illustrator, known for his floral and seascape designs. His images have been used on a variety of items including stationery and have translated beautifully onto the Dunoon mugs.