Dunoon Lomond Kensho Bee Mug

Dunoon Lomond Kensho Bee Mug

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Dunoon Kensho Bee Lomond Shape Mug is Beautifully embellished with real gold leaf, this floral mug has been illustrated by … and features a gorgeous scene of tree branches covered in an assortment of vibrant flowers, with busy bumblebees flying from flower to flower. The background is filled with a swirl of dainty golden dots that shimmer and sparkle, which contrasts beautifully against the floral design. The handle is a delightful blue and golden pattern which brings this piece together. This detailed mug would make a lovely gift for friends and family alike.

Real Gold Leaf

This mug is beautifully embellished with 22 carat gold and exquisite silver, adding an extra special touch and making it a great gift. This does, however, mean that it is not safe for the microwave.

Dunoon fine bone china mugs are handcrafted in Staffordshire, England. They are produced to the highest quality using traditional methods which have been developed and refined over 3 family generations in the pottery industry.

Lomond is a smaller version of our Cairngorm shape. It carries some very stylish and modern patterns. This is a slightly more feminine shape than its Cairngorm parent, but just as solid and comfortable to use.

Capacity: 320mls  Height: 93mm   Diameter: 89mm

After studying interior design, Penny Silverthorne moved to Devon where she gained inspiration from the natural beauty of the countryside and began to refine her watercolour skills. She is now running a booming business which sends her artwork all over the world