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Dunoon Cairngorm Classic Transport Mug

Dunoon Cairngorm Classic Transport Mug

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The Dunoon Cairngorm Classic Transport Mug is elegant and simple may be the perfect canvas for an array of thorough illustrations of classic modes of transport, depicted completely color and clear detail.

Richard Partis takes us back in time with The Vintage Collection. The vehicles range from a 1950’s milk wagon to an oil tanker to a 1970’s Transit van, with the names of every annotated next to them. The image continues on the inner rim with a utility van. Ideal for morning coffees and afternoon teas, this stylish mug is perfect for people who would like to reminisce on the old automobiles or vintage car enthusiasts, rendering it perfect for family and friends alike.

Capacity: 480ml   Height: 104mm   Diameter: 104mm


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