Dunoon Lomond Dad Your A Star Mug

Dunoon Lomond Dad Your A Star Mug

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The Dunoon Lomond Dad Your Star Mug made of fine bone china is handcrafted in Staffordshire, England. They are produced to the highest quality using traditional methods which have been developed and refined over 3 family generations in the pottery industry.


Lomond is a smaller version of our Cairngorm shape. It carries some very stylish and modern patterns. This is a slightly more feminine shape than its Cairngorm parent, but just as solid and comfortable to use.

Let your dad know how much you think of him with this mug illustrated in bright watercolours by Caroline Bessey. 'Dad you're a star' is printed all around the mug in different colours with a scattering of coloured stars.

Capacity: 320ml   Height: 93mm   Diameter: 89mm